Good reading-How to Choose a Good Jump Starter

Shopping around for a jump starter can be a quite daunting task especially if you have no idea what to look for.

It seems simple enough, right? If you try to browse around, you’re going to realize that there are a lot of jump starter models. Eventually, you’ll ask yourself on what are the features you really need or if there’s any specific feature that will fit your situation.

In this article, we’re going to discuss many of the essential things when it comes to choosing your jump starter.

First off, there are actually 2 types of jump starters that are available. They are the jump boxes and the plug-in chargers.

You’re probably more familiar with the jump box type as they’re the ones you usually encounter when it comes to providing some boost to a dead battery. A typical jump box will look like a big battery with jumper cables and in some cases it comes with different features like an air compressor.

The plug-in types will have the ability to charge a battery and it can give a good amount of amperage when you turn your engine on.

If you will be only jump starting your car at the comfort of your own home, then it’s probably best that you get a single combo unit that can both function as a charger and a jump starter. If you want to be confident when you’re out and about, then a jump box is an ideal choice.

But again it’s not that simple and we’re going to take a look at what you still need to consider.

Plugin Jump Starters

Plugin jump starters, also knows as trickle chargers, will charge your dead battery. They usually give between 3 and 10 amps and you will also see that most of them have multiple settings.

They work like this because it’s more beneficial for your battery’s life to be charged at a slower rate using lower amperage. Of course, when you’re pressed for time, it can be quite frustrating to wait for it.

However, there are some plugin chargers that provide you with a higher amperage. There are still situations where you can quickly jump start a battery but it will still depend on the state of your battery (how dead it is).

It becomes obvious that the main benefit you’ll get from plugin chargers is the charging system. The alternator that you have in cars right now is not designed to charge dead batteries. If you use a jump box, you are actually reducing the alternator’s life. Using a plugin charger will help a big deal to your alternator and will probably save you a good amount of repair bills.

What about their disadvantage? Obviously, you have to plug them in if you want to use them. Many of them are really portable and convenient but they need a power source to do their jobs.

If you plan on shopping for a plugin charger then buy one with a lot of charging modes, lots of options to set the amperage and a floating charge capability.

Jump Box

What about the other type which is the jump box? Like you’ve read earlier, you’ve probably seen one of these in or at your local auto shop. They will look like a huge battery with jumper cables and sometimes they have a built-in air compressor or an LED light.

One of the differences of the jump box from the trickle chargers is that they cannot charge a dead battery. But they are a popular option for people because of its portability and their ability to give the required boost to start a vehicle with a totally dead battery.

If you consider the situation above, choosing a jump box is a no-brainer when you’re always on the road. But of course, you still have to recharge the battery and make sure it has enough juice.

But like you’ve read earlier, there’s still going to be one main disadvantage when using a jump box. It can be very bad for your alternator if you drive around with a dead battery as it will reduce your alternator’s lifespan.

Even with this issue, a jump box will truly get you out of the ditch. Just don’t make it a habit to drive around with a dead battery.

There are many models of jump box jump starters with additional features like air compressor and LED light, radios, etc. I suggest you take a look at them and determine which one will serve you best.