Why more and more Automotive parts companies will purchase GHB mini booster battery as new development project in Automotive Industry?

Company Introduction

GHB is a large –scale battery manufacture which is invested and establishes by AGA GROUP and Halo automation. AGA Group is well-known lithium battery,lithium-ion polymer battery,car emergency jump starter battery manufacturing corporation, have holdings and managed many large battery manufacturing enterprises in mainland, many branches in whole world. Halo automation is high-tech enterprise manufacturing battery device, mould and automatic production line, one of largest rechargeable battery equipment manufactures in China.
GHB is modern high-tech enterprise Specializing in polymer Li-ion battery's production, marketing, research and development. We have 20 all kinds of patents which includes 13 patents for invention, 10 utility modal patents. GHB has great advantages in this field for mature polymer Li-ion battery technology, various products, excellent performance, international advanced-level technology in high capacity, large electric current discharging, High-magnification iron phosphate lithium polymer battery technology and high capacity polymer lithium iron phosphate power battery technology. Through technology advantages of devices, production automation, product quality and product efficiency is greatly improved.
The performance of high-ratio polymer Li-ion battery takes the lead in the industry; excellent discharging and high security Li-ion polymer battery is new generation, substitute goods of Li-ion battery used widely at present, important source of new electric equipment. t features widely used, high potential and large profits, application in mobile, blue-tooth earphone, MP3, DMB ,PMP, Portable DVD, electric remote control flying toys, electric tools, electric bicycle and all kinds of portable machine energy, also is widely used in small UAV, the field of radar, laser sight of individual weapon supporting power. Focusing on providing international top products and service, being excellent brand in global battery industry and WMRC, which is our goal and pursuit. We firmly believe that GHB will be faithfully worthy of battery industry, make great contribution to clients, staff and better tomorrow for the whole society!

--Factory and Battery Technology

A.Battery material:
imported pure LiCo02 from Japan, the cost is 800 thousands RMB/ton, other suppliers will add(LiMO4) whose cost is only about 40 thousands RMB/ton. So their battery cost is much lower than ours but of very low quality. The battery containing  (LiMO4)  will suffer high rate of swelling. 

B.lamination process:
using precised automated equipment to lay many layers of the anode material--diaphragm---layers of the cathode material…… This technique will keep up the consistency of the battery cells.

Laser injection of electrolyte is used in our factory,it can control the amount very accurate.  Electrolyte is very important for battery cells, more or less of it will cause serious consequence---the battery will swell after several times using. 

D.Low resistance: 
Our ultra-sonic metal soldering will lower down the internal resistance comparing with Tin soldering.

E.High-temperature test:
The finished battery will be put into a 65℃ vacuum box to go through high temperature test for one week,and all will go through many tests before selling.

F:4 Product lines: We are the largest lipo battery factory with two product lines for positive and two for negative, other factories only have two product lines in total.

E.We cooperated with the biggest Insurance company in Asia---ALLIANZ and insured for all of our product at$2 million.