Let us konw more GHB car jump starter

Who We Are? (Company Introduction)

GHB is the subsidiaries brand of AGA group.AGA Group is the earliest and biggest Technology innovative high-tech enterprise which focus on nickel hydrogen(NiMH) battery and high rating Lithium Polymer battery, integrating research, production, trade, and service.so far, AGA Group has build a number of well-know brand including GHB, WEIDONG and AGA POWER. Relying on the strong technical advantage, economic strength and years of research experience of the Group Company. AGA has built its manufacturing base for Lithium Polymer Battery successively in Henan、Chongqing and Zhuhai Guangdong. In LongYan Fujian, AGA has built Nickel Hydrogen battery manufacturing base, introduction of the world's most advanced, automated and semi automated production equipment, precision testing equipment and so on, with internationally leading research labs. It’s the world's most comprehensive, the most advanced rechargeable battery professional manufacturer, it’s China's largest supplier of power battery and battery systems.

GHB car jump starter:

-Jump a completely dead car battery in minutes
-Charge power hungry devices such as smart phones, cameras & tablets w/ the USB 5V 2.1A output
-Never again worry about being stranded w/ a dead phone or car battery
-Utilize the included flashlight 
-See if your car is ready to jump or not w/ the included intelligent cable 
-Protect your devices w/ the built-in power management system
-Easily carry around the lightweight structure