Generally, a jump start or a boost is a process that is used to start a vehicle that contains a discharged starting battery. Suppose, I am on the road and my car suddenly stops. The A/C, radio, lights, nothing works. I call a repairing company and their mechanics tell me that it’s a dead battery. The method that they use to start the car and get the battery going is known as a jump start. An external electrical source is used to give power to the dead battery of a car.

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5 Tips to Buy Emergency Car Starters

Now, at times, I may not have the number of a mechanic handy or I might be stuck in a place where the mechanic can’t reach me and my car’s battery is dead. So, what do I do in this kind of a situation? I always keep a car jump starter handy. A car jump starter is an external, portable electrical source/battery which helps you to jump start a car, in case the battery dies down. It’s small, compact, lightweight and easy to use.

Now, here’s the thing. In today’s market, there are numerous emergency car starters available. Nearly all of them claim that they are the best. So, how did I choose the actual best from the list of the self-proclaimed best? Well, here are 5 tips that helped me make my choice –
  • First and foremost factor that I considered is capacity of the battery. There are varying capacities that are offered by various emergency car starters and they generally range from 8000-12000mAh. I considered the capacity of my car battery.

  • Then, I checked out the reputation of the company and their reliability. The limitations and offers of the warranty of the emergency car starter being sold depends company.

Reputed companies generally offer proper warranties.
  • Next, I checked out how easily it can be used and whether or not it offers an emergency light. I also checked if I needed to follow any kind of special methods to use it.

  • I also checked to see if the car starter has a battery level indicator or not. This will permit me to check the battery level when I am charging my car. It will also alert me if the battery pack needs to be recharged or not.

  • Last but not the least, I checked out the customer reviews of the product that I was about to buy. I checked if the previous customers were satisfied with the product or not and what might be the potential problems of the product.

So, these are the 5 critical points that I considered while buying an auto jump starter. There are numerous products available in the market. So choose one, follow the points and then make your purchase. An auto jump starter will helped me get out of a dead battery situation when I couldn’t call upon a mechanic and/or was stuck in the middle of nowhere.