10 Procedures to Use Car Battery Jump Starters

It is inevitable to not experience having a faulty car battery. There would always be a time when you go along a certain road trip and suddenly, your engine stops running and you’ve got nothing to do but to seek help. However, if you have a jump starter device, you will surely have nothing to worry about. In this article, I will share you 10 vital steps on how you’ll be able to effectively use your car battery jump starters, also known as Auto start Power Bank. Some other people also call this device as a portable car starter.
  1. The first thing you’ve got to take note of before using the starter is to turn off the ignition of your vehicle including your engine, heater, lighting and others.
  1. Before connecting your clamps, make sure that your tension selector is disconnected from any other parts.
  1. The next step you’ve got to do is to connect the positive marked terminal to the red clamp.
  1. Connect the blue clamp towards the negatively marked terminal.
  1. For the fifth step, you now need to select or choose an adequate and sufficient tension that would match your portable car starter.
  1. The sixth step is basically the jump starting process. It is quite ideal to do the process in 8-10 seconds. If ever it did not work for the first time, just repeat the jump starting process after 3 minutes.
  1. Now that your engine has come to life, the proceeding steps would be all about disconnection. The first among them is the disconnection of your tension selector.
  1. After the tension selector, detached the colored clamps from their respective terminals. Start from the blue clamp that was attached to the negative terminal and the red clamp that was attached to the positive terminal.
  1. After disconnecting. Storage is the next step. Carefully put back all the things that you have used, including the cables, the clamps and other supporting devices to their respective support posts found on the Auto Start Power. Please make sure that you keep everything in their original positions and places to ensure safety and protection.
  1. When you get home or to your location, immediately recharge your booster so that whenever and wherever you need it, you’re assured that it would deliver and execute another great job.

These jump starters are very useful in times of emergencies because aside from being assured that you’ll be able to continue your trip, the steps on how you’ll be using them are very easy to follow. You don’t have to read lengthy manuals in order to properly and accurately execute the procedures.