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Shouldn’t Every Car be Equipped with a Commercial Jump Starter?

If you have ever been left stranded in a car with a dead battery but your Jump Starter Pack turned your misery on its head, surely you will advocate that the amazing Jump Starter come as a standard accessory with every car. It is that useful a product!
Very simply put, as the product’s name implies, it jump starts your car when the fitted battery has failed to crank the engine. However, unless you have one with the right capacity of power or a fully-charged one, you are ill-equipped to deal with the situation when your regular car battery fails to start your car.
Is your Jump Starter the right one?
If there is anything more miserable than not having a jump starter, it is having one that does not match your car’s power needs. While selecting the right one for your car, consider the following:
Voltage of your car battery (most likely it is a 12V one)
Peak Amperage of the battery within the car jump starter unit needs to be sufficiently high to provide that surge of cranking power. Buying one with a battery of at least 900amps with cranking amps of at least 225amps is suggested if it is to be of any use to you in an emergency. The higher the safer.
Buy one that carries a warranty. There are ones in the market that come at a lower price but if it comes without a warranty, how sure can you be that it will not let you down in that hour of need.
Jump starter units come with a variety of extras. Some come integrated with an air compressor or maybe with a radio.
Car battery jump starter reviews - Using it Safely
As with using any unit that carries electrical power, safety precautions must be followed. Do not smoke, use matches or have any flame nearby when jump starting the car. Since it is your intent to get your engine started, do not have any part of your body within the engine compartment; moving parts may hurt you when the engine suddenly starts. Use it only for the purpose it is intended for – to start car engines – and not to charge anything else.

Please remember that Jump Starter units too come built-in with a battery. Just as periodically as you service your car, you must check the working condition of this emergency unit too. When not in use for a long time, they tend to discharge too, so check on this and keep it fully-charged all the time. Recharging it once every 3 months in winter and every month during summer is adequate care.