GHB Car Jump Starter - Why Every Car Owner Needs One?

Every car owner needs a portable battery charger jump starter, because these two items can save you a lot of stress when on the road, especially at night. This article aims to give a car owner vital tips on why both are necessary, how to purchase them and the differences between a jump starter and a battery charger.
Difference between a jump starter and a battery charger
ü A jump starter is a set of cables that one uses to hook up to a second car and get your car running again, while a battery charger needs a source of electricity to connect to and get your car up and running again.
Benefits of having a charger jump starter
Both items are very portable, weigh less and are compact. This means that they can be easily stored in your car boot or even the back seat for usage at a moment’s notice.
The items are very easy to use. A battery charger and a jump starter do not need mechanical expertise to be used. Try to get the models which have a light built into them for easier use at night.
Tips on choosing the best portable jump starters and battery chargers
  1. Get battery chargers which have more amps. If you get a battery charger with up to 20 amps, it will last longer without being charged.
  1. You can get a car jump starter with more features, also known as a five in one charger. This comes with features such as mobile phone charging, airing bicycle tires and inbuilt light.
  1. Make sure you get a surge protected battery charger, to secure you from voltage spikes which might damage your car battery.
  1. There are solar charged battery chargers which are environmentally friendly and easily charged when you are on the road. Advantages of solar charged battery chargers are that they will charge even when in the car.
In a nutshell, having both items; a portable battery charger and a jump starter is essential. This is because one might have a battery die of charge and need to spike it up, especially at night. A portable battery charger jump starter will assist because one can hook up the car to another, while a battery charger, which uses electricity, is critical when there is no friendly car nearby to hook up to.