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GH Battery R&D Center
Currently, GHB is a international R&D group including 100 R&D Personals, more than 30 engineers and 20 senior engineers. Top technology ensure lithium battery,lithium-ion polymer battery,car emergency jump starter safe, long life, environmental.

The Lithium Ion Battery Knowledge

The Lithium Ion Battery Knowledge
Structure of the lithium ion battery
  1. the anode materials: lithium transition metal compounds
  2. anode materials: carbon materials
  3. isolation membrane: PP, PE.
  4. electrolyte: lithium salt, organic electrolyte
  5. packing: flexible packaging, steel shell, aluminum shell
The working principle

Lithium ion travel between the positive and negative anodes, the travelling process performance for the battery discharge or charge. The first charge and discharge process of battery is called cell activation: the formation of the SEI layer on surface of positive and negative material, make-up a stable interface ...

About Us

About Us
GHB is a large –scale battery manufacture which is invested and establishes by AGA GROUP and Halo automation. AGA Group is well-known battery manufacturing corporation, have holdings and managed many large battery manufacturing enterprises in mainland, many branches in whole world. Halo automation is high-tech enterprise manufacturing battery device, mould and automatic production line, one of largest rechargeable battery equipments manufactures in China. ...... More »